Body Scrub from PHB Ethical Beauty

Beautiful Body Scrub from PHB Ethical Beauty

Natural & Organic Beauty

For anyone looking for an all natural, beautiful smelling body scrub, PHB Sugar scrubs are the one. I bought the Lavender & Ylang Ylang Sugar Scrub. It uses pure sugar cane with natural butters and nourishing oils and leaves your skin soft and nourished.

My thoughts on PHB body scrub

I jumped into the shower with my new sugar scrub. This is shaped like a bar of soap and began to rub the bar on my arms. Now I’m going to be honest here, it hurt! It felt like tiny shards of glass against my skin. I found the best way to use this scrub was to lather it up in my hands and then massage into my body. This worked so much better for me. Having spoke to my mum about this product, she too said it was uncomfortable to use and had given up using it. So I have suggested this method to her. This sugar scrub smells divine. Instantly you can feel the oils on your skin locking in the moisture. This is so need at this time of the year for my extremely parched body. I now use this every time I shower and will be making my way through all the seven tempting fragrances they have to choose from.

I am a big fan of PHB Ethical Beauty’s products. Apart from being 100% natural, no parabens and no SLS etc its not tested on animals. They also list that they are Methylisothiazoline free. This is fantastic news for me and I appreciate this company for understanding the nightmare of this chemical and been aware of it.


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