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Faith In Nature Shampoo

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Finding that great shampoo

When I first started to try to be as chemical free as possible one of the hardest products to find, that I liked, was shampoo. I also came across a lot of shampoos advertised as “natural” that were not. Surprisingly a lot of these “natural” shampoos had the horrendous preservative Methylisothiazoline in them. I was avoiding this at all cost. I had had a horrendous allergic reaction to this preservative (which I will do its own honoured blog post about). You can find this post here

Faith In Nature Shampoo

When I found the Faith in Nature shampoo I immediately loved it. It lathered up nicely, which I know is hard when using products without SLS in, but always feels (we are so conditioned to think this I suppose) that lather is a good way of cleaning the hair.

I have now been using this shampoo for a few years and absolutely love it. Not only is it an all natural product, containing no nasty chemicals, it’s also reasonably priced. If your anything like me, shampoo goes down fast, so it wont be a big expense to replace regularly!  I always use the same fragrance, Grapefruit and orange.  I am obsessed with this aroma. It’s probably not the correct one for my hair as it’s for normal to oily hair. I certainly don’t have oily hair but it works for me amazingly. It’s such a fresh, clean smell, it has become my go to scent.

The best thing..

Of course with Faith in Nature products they are 100% natural fragrance, free from parabens and SLS and cruelty free. You really can’t go wrong when looking for chemical free. This product is great value for money as shampoo can be quite pricey to change to a natural/organic one.

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