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Trying to be natural with make-up does sometimes feel hard work! Over the last few years it has become easier with more brands and options than ever before out there, BUT the majority are only online and some are very pricey. It’s hard to choose colours from your screen. What looks like a great lipstick colour on my screen may look very different on yours, depending on how you have your settings set.

I have made several quite costly make-up mistakes over the years. Even reading reviews from other people about the product can’t be relied on. Peoples perception of colours is different from one anothers, one persons pink maybe another persons coral. Quite often even the names of the colours are not a true reflection of what will land through your letterbox. It’s all so very hit and miss.

Then of course you have to take the risk of how good are these items going to be? Without physically swiping the product across ones hand and moving your hand around the shop to catch it in different lights and shimmers, how will you know? After all the hand test is the way we buy most of our make-up products even if they are going on the face!

So I decided to take the plunge after staring at PHB Ethical Beauty’s lipstick page for over half an hour. There are 14 shades to choose from! Fourteen! I’m a libra, decision-making is hard for me! So 14 shades became a huge challenge to choose between. I narrowed it down to 4 colours, I looked at those pictures on my pc, my tablet and my phone, just to check they looked the same on each. I made my choice and awaited delivery.

PHB Lipstick

All of PHB’s products are so appealing on the eye. From the box the lipstick came in, to the lipstick itself. I love the clean look of the white plastic casing, which also feels great to hold, smooth but not slippy in the hand. Just a hint of the green makes it easily recognisable as the PHB brand and the subtle silver PHB on the lid is all beautifully made to look fabulous on your dressing table.

I chose the shade “Apricot”  which was described as a cool nude shade on the website and yes it is! This lipstick glided across my lips easily with no dragging. It felt moist on my lips and had no feeling of drying out the lips as some lipsticks can feel the minute you put them on. It felt comfortable to wear and light on the lips.  The write up for the product on their website says ;

Handmade with anti-aging oils and rich organic butters, our lipsticks are creamy and long lasting. Infused with pure mineral pigments that provide rich colour and deep texture. 100%, Vegan, cruelty free & gluten free.

Made with Fair Trade Shea Butter and Jojoba oil to deeply moisturise and soften lips. Organic Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E keep lips looking youthful by preventing collagen destruction whilst also helping to repair dryness.”

I have to agree with this 100%. I could feel the moisture in my lips whilst wearing it and that’s a bonus for me. Anything that repairs my lips whilst wearing it is a gift!

Apricot PHB lipstick

Did it last as long as I would have liked, not quite. But I have found the lipsticks in the past that have lasted longer have felt awful to wear and far too drying. I have inserted a photo here of my beautiful daughter wearing the Apricot Lipstick so that you can see the shade.

This is definitely a great lipstick. Did I choose the right colour in the end? Maybe not….It was slightly too pale for me and made me look a little washed out. Will I keep on using it? Absolutely, I will add a little more blusher because it’s a lovely lipstick to wear and is making my lips feel great! Now just to find an adorable natural blusher. The make-up adventure goes on!



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