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I recently came across Pinks Boutique Complete Organic Skincare.  These products are super luxurious and smell so divine. I love to try new products and was so glad to find that Pinks Boutique offer sample sizes of a lot of their products to try before you buy the full sizes. This is a great way to find out about their skincare and decide which ones are better suited to yourself without spending a fortune making mistakes, because yes we all have bought items that have sounded great online and can be so disappointing when they arrive.

The Skincare Products

Although everything I ordered was sample size, I loved the fact that it had been packaged with as much care as if I had spent a fortune. It arrived padded in curled chocolate brown paper with the items laid on the top. Mixed in with the products were lots of little dried rose buds! This was followed by pink tissue paper covering all the pieces. It was an absolute pleasure to open and instantly made me feel special. The aroma coming from the box was so inviting, making me immediately want to open every item and smell them. I used all of these products for several days prior to writing a review on them. I wanted to make sure that they suited my skin and that I would enjoy using them.

Pinks Boutique Sweet Orange & Neroli Elixir ~ for scenting rooms & linens

sweet orange & neroli elixir

This sweet orange & Neroli Elixir is one of my favourite items that I purchased. Sweet orange is one of my favourite scents and this room spray is amazing. It came in a lovely little pump spray bottle and was easy to use, spraying  just the right amount onto linens or into the air. I instantly fell in love with this smell. This is the scent I want to be able to smell in my home. This is what a natural room spray is all about. No nasty chemicals and no false sickly fragrance.  I always look at ingredients and the fact that this list is so small is also a lovely welcome. The uplifting fragrance is organic sweet orange, neroli and patchouli. It’s definately a winner for me. i loved this so much it’s even ended up in my April Favourites.

Pinks Boutique Anti Ageing Deep Cleanse Melt

Pinks Boutique Organic skincare

Cleansers are something that I use every day of my life. I want one that is creamy and does a great job without breaking the bank. I do prefer a cream cleanser that you wipe off with a cotton pad or tissue, rather than a damp muslim cloth. As I become older I have found my skin becomes drier and feels tight after using water on my face, so this is no longer suited to me on a daily basis. I wanted to try the cleansing melt. I decided to opt for the anti ageing deep cleansing melt as now is the time where I feel I need to start changing the products I use on my face to anti ageing ones.

Can I just start off by saying that this cleansing melt has the best and most amazing smell ever. Ever! I could not stop smelling this once I had opened it. My daughter thought I had completely lost the plot as I waved the pot under her nose demanding she smelt the cleanser. She agreed it smelt great, which coming from a teenager is better than a grunt and look of disdain that says you are completely fruit looped! If I could have every product smelling like this I would be very happy.

I used this product by melting it in my hands and then smoothing it over my face and then massaging it on for a couple of minutes. This was a pleasure to do, the smell was gorgeous and a little product went a long way and made massaging onto the face so easy. Removing with a damp muslim cloth.

I loved this product, the aroma of it and the ease of use. Unfortunately as much as I wanted to be able to use this every day I did find after about day 3 my skin was not liking the water situation. I do have extremely dry skin that reacts very easily to situations. I normally use a wash off cleanser once a week, which seems to work better for me. This is a super product to not be used every day. It did leave my skin feeling soft after initial use. For me this is going to be my luxury once a week treat for my face.

Pink Boutique Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser

Pinks Boutique Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser

Again, I use a moisturiser on my face every single day. I have been through many organic, natural moisturisers. This Ocha & Rosehip moisturiser is one of the best I have used. I like a moisturiser that is light and easy to work into the skin, without it evaporating into the air before it even reaches my skin. This soaks easily into my face and a little does go a long way, which makes it even better! I know I keep saying this about each product, but the smell again is just so beautiful. It makes each and every one of these products an absolute dream to use.

This is very suited to my sensitive, dry skin and makes it feel soft and moist throughout the day. It feels like a very luxurious creamy moisturiser, which I love. I highly recommend this to anyone with maturer, dry sensitive skin. I also tried it on my very dry hands and it worked very well, so I am going to be looking at Pink Boutiques body moisturisers, I have seen they do a sweet orange & Neroli scented one!!!

Pinks Boutique Hand Soak

Pinks Boutique Hand Soak

This hand soak was a new experience for me. I have never used anything like it before. The instructions say to add 1 teaspoon to a small bowl of warm water and place fingers into it for 5 minutes, to soak dry, overgrown cuticles. I used a small glass bowl (you know those glass pudding bowls that you get with the Gu desserts, perfect for this!) I filled it with warm water and added the crystals to the water. The crystals started to melt into the water. This was actually a lovely therapeutic 10 minutes, five minutes each hand. I relaxed with my fingers in the bowl, the water was so soft with the crystals melting into it and the aroma with gorgeous.

Afterwards my fingers were soft and my cuticles were soft to push back as I would want them. It advises to use a cuticle oil and hand balm afterwards. This can also be used as a bath soak by adding a few crystals to the bath water, which I havent done as yet but will be doing with the remaining soak I have left.

This product is made with Himalayan mineral crystal and sweet orange essential oil blend. I found after using the hand soak I left the little glass bowl in my lounge with the water still in it and it made the room smell lovely, so this was an added bonus. As it cooled off I added an extra bit of warm water and the smell strengthened again.

Pinks Boutique Foot Balm

Pinks Boutique Complete Organic Skincare
Pinks Boutique Complete Organic Skincare


I admit I do neglect my feet in winter terribly. 1.They are always hidden, so out of sight out of mind for me. 2. They are stuffed into thick winter socks and boots and when home big fluffy slippers. They never get time to breathe! Then when the sun comes out and I look at going for summer footwear I suddenly think about my feet. I’m not a fan of feet per se. The most I do is extend my body moisturiser down to my feet on a good day. Luckily I don’t have hard skin on my feet or very dry patchy areas. Just a general dryness to the feet that havent seen air for several months!

This balm’s benefits are that it softens skin and cuticles, nourishes the nails, prevents dry cracked heels and reduces ankle swelling.

The balm is a solid substance which is easy to use. As you rub some into your fingers it melts to a lovely texture to enable massaging into the feet. A little really does go a long way. The smell is lovely (of course!)  made with shea butter and geranium and peppermint. The peppermint is what I could smell the most and was refreshing on my feet. I would imagine on a hot summers day applying this onto your feet would be very soothing and cooling. An added benefit after applying to my feet it clear my congested nose up from hayfever very well!

A great product which I will seriously think about buying full size for my poor feet!

Pinks Boutique Organic Skincare
Pinks Boutique Complete Organic Skincare

All of these products were an absolute pleasure to sample. I loved the fact that the samples were of a good size to try out and are easily available to buy before purchasing the full size. Care was taken with how it was presented which was a welcome surprise when opening it all up.

The fragrances of all of these products is outstanding. Not one of the products I tried had an unpleasant smell.

Lastly the people who run this company are so fervent about their products. What they use in them as well as what packaging they use . I have been following Kirstie on twitter and love her videos that she puts on.

1. She explains things very well and is extremely knowledgeable. 2. She is passionate and I admire that. 3. She talks about many issues with the cosmetic/skincare industry that are not organic or natural. Kirstie recently made a video about Methylisothiazolinone and the issues its causing. This lady knows her stuff! I was so pleased to see her raising this issue and speaking about it.

All ingredients used in Pinks Boutique products are natural and organic and have no nasties hidden in them. They are suitable for vegans, not tested on animals, free from harmful chemicals and all their products come in glass, no plastics! Oh and did I mention they smell divine!!

I absolutely suggest you go take a look at the website and find out for yourself.




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