April Favourites ~ skincare

April Favourites ~ Skincare

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I thought I would share with you some of my April favourites in skin care that I have been using this month. This is just a small selection of items that I think are worth mentioning this month.  I love trying new products and when I get something new I try so hard to finish a product I have open and on the go right now… but it can be so hard at times! April can be a funny month for skin too, especially here in the UK. This April we have had some of the hottest days, making a record of the hottest April day for 70 years! Then a week later we are back to cold and rain. My skin dosnt know whats going on! These products I have chosen are all great whatever the weather is doing.


Miaroma Lavender & Coconut hydrating spritz and Lavender soothing essential oil

miaroma lavender & Coconut hydrating spritz

The Miaroma Lavender & Coconut Oil Hydrating spritz I came accross in Holland & Barrett and loved the smell. It is a 100% natural and can be spritzed onto the body or face. It is supposed to calm body and mind. It is such a light mist spray that is great to apply on the skin. It instantly soaks in and dosnt leave any sticky feeling or residue. I havnt tried this on my face, but love this for my body. I bought it to use on a night before getting into bed as I find lavender very relaxing and helps me sleep. I love this, its great for my skin and for my well-being.

With this I also bought the Miaroma Lavender pure essential oil. I love essential oils and of course Lavender is the most useful one for me. It has so many beneficial uses. I always pop a few drops on my pillow every evening. Which I find a great relaxer. I also use this in my Aroma diffuser downstairs in my house and it makes everywhere smell so lovely. This is in my April favourite things, but to be honest it is an all year round favourite.

Akamuti Virgin Wildcrafted Shea Butter

Akamuti Virgin wildcrafted shea butter


Akamuti Shea Butter is fantastic. It is 100% natural and additive free. This is a basic but brilliant moisturiser for dry skin. Scoop some out of the tub and let it melt into your hands for a few minutes and then massage into your skin for intensive moisturise. This is food for the skin and is packed with vitamins A, E and F. If you have irritated skin this is so gentle and kind on it. I always have a tub of this handy.


Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask

Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask


The Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask is a product I use on my skin about twice a week. I have found this peel to be better for my skin than a scrub. It is more gentle for my face. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those with dull, tired skin and lack of glow as well as signs of ageing. This describes my skin so much! So every little help is welcome. It is so easy to apply, sit back and relax for a few minutes and then rinse off, leaving my skin soft and more ready to absorb my other products after getting rid of all the dead skin cells.


PHB Skin Restore Gel with Aloe Vera and PHB Gentle Moisturiser with Shea Butter & Apricot

PHB Skin Restore Gel with Aloe Vera and PHB GentelMoisturiser with Shea Butter & Apricot


I adore PHB products. I have only found them in the last 12 months, but everything I have tried has been so good. The Skin Restore Gel with Aloe Vera is a must! It has so many uses and is like my personal first aid kit! This gel helps soothe, repair and hydrate skin. It can be used to calm burns and inflammation and heals cuts and bruises. Simply massage some of the gel onto the area and allow to sink in. This has become my “go to”. Only today I was in the garden tidying it up and came in with lumps and a red rash, I instantly grabbed my gel and put some on, it calmed the area immediately and reduced the redness and the itching. I really can’t recommend this enough!

My other PHB product in my April Favourites is PHB Gentle moisturiser with shea butter and apricot. As you can tell from the jar it is just about empty. This has been a favourite facial moisturiser for me. It’s a great gentle formula that smells divine. It massages into the face well and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight. It’s almost like marshmallow in texture, fluffy and bouncy. I love it!


Pinks Boutique Sweet Orange & Neroli Elixir


Pinks Boutique Sweet Orange & Neroli Elixir

The Pinks Boutique Sweet Orange & Neroli Elixir is my newest April favourite, only discovering it a few weeks ago. My last blog was all about Pinks Boutique Products which you can find here : https://delicatelydoozy.co.uk/2018/04/23/pinks-boutique-complete-organic-skincare/ 

I loved the aroma of this elixir all around my home and so although not skin care, I had to include it as it’s just too gorgeous not to!

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