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How I feel about blogging one month in

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How I feel about blogging one month in…. When I decided to start a blog I had no idea what I was doing. Nothing has changed there! I was not social savvy. Should I even admit that? Yes I had Facebook, but I was the kind of Facebook person who hovers in the background reading other’s posts. I would even end up viewing random people’s photo’s that ended up on my feed. It seems I’m interested in other people and their lives, even if I don’t know them! I certainly wasnt one of those people who comments on others posts, it made me feel awkward and somehow intruding on them. Stupid I know, they put their life out there to be liked, commented on etc. All I was sure about was that I wanted to have my own little piece of the internet to call mine and write a blog. I love writing. It seemed like the ideal.

So I began…

I had no idea about blogging. Not really. I had read blogs and was aware of them. What I did not know was all the “behind the scenes” that goes on to make a blog. I literally spent a couple of months researching about how to make a blog. The more I delved into this subject, the more I realised it wasnt as simple as posting on the internet. There was hosting, domain names. Once past that point, sat in front of my computer with my own domain name and blog space, it wasnt easy from there on in.

Getting onto social media….and involving myself!

I set up Twitter and instagram, with help from my super savvy teenage daughter! I’m still not sure of what I’m doing on there. I have eventually learnt to actually post things myself. Doozy daughter was my media person for the first few days! I’m commenting on tweets and instagrams I like. I’m following people who post what I like to read. People are even following me! I have found some can be quite sneaky, they follow you and a couple of days later they are gone. What???? It’s a game of followers that I’m not quite getting yet and not sure if I want to.

Actually blogging

I love sitting in front of my pc and typing away. Putting words into action. My words. What I want to say. It looks like people are coming here, they are finding me in this huge world. I’m flattered they come and read posts. I honestly thought I would be writing to no one. It may only be a handful of people, but thank you. I so appreciate it. I’m enjoying myself and the whole experience.

DA checkers, Backlinks…????

Just when im loving the blog life, I learn there is even more to this. To even get this blog noticed I need to have a DA score and back links and a whole load of other things I have no clue about. If I don’t have these I will be several thousand pages back in any search. Then how will anyone ever find me? I’ve been researching all this lately, im certainly in info overload at the moment. I’ve decided not to worry about all that too much as my blog is still so young.

Conclusion of blogging so far

Love it. Will definitely keep going. I’m just going to type away and try to learn more about this blogging world as I go along. This is my tiny little island of internet in a big wide world! I’m happy I have this. Lets see what I feel when I hit the 6 month mark. Will I be super savvy or still pretending I have a fair amount of knowledge. I will let you know …..

4 thoughts on “How I feel about blogging one month in”

  1. I can relate to being on overload with all that goes with starting a new blog. It is definitely a lot of information to take in, and I am taking your approach. Just seeing how things go for a big. 🙂 I love book blogs! And I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thank you Lana! It definately feels like I have brain fog at the moment. Who knew there would be so much to learn! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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