I love a good book

I Love a Good Book!


I don’t know about you but one of the things I love most is to read a good book. Infact I can say that I am totally in love with books! I have always been a bit of a bookworm. I love the feel of a book in my hand. Turning the pages. Meeting new characters. Seeing how the whole story will pan out and end. Even second guessing what is coming next. The whole experience of it.

Finding that comfy space on the sofa, on your bed or in the garden and totally absorbing a good read. I have even been known to read in the bath and walking down the street! Escaping into someone else’s world. Been taken away from your own thoughts and totally focusing on this story you hold in your hands. Letting your mind be taken away to some far off place with people you do not know, but soon will, in your head. Do you know the feeling?


So yeah, I smell book pages!

 I love a good book!

The smell of the book… I love how books smell. I always have. If your anything like me and love books this might not sound so insane!  I thought It was just me at first, this desire I had to smell pages of books, but apparently I’m not alone. So I’m not so crazy, right???? I believe there are a quite a lot of us out there that love the smell of a new book. Show of hands here would be really great to help me out!

I think it started as a child. I loved the smell of WHSmith’s ! When I went into that shop it made me happy. I loved being able to choose pens, notebooks, stationary and pencil cases for school from there. Spending  hours looking at the huge array of magazines and comics. Every week I went into town to WHSmith’s with my mum from a very young age and always came home with a Twinkle, then onto Debbie, Just 17 etc. The shop just had an amazing aroma of paper and books, I was in heaven. I have to say that I have noticed that the shop no longer has that smell of my childhood. Its disappointing really. It now just feels like any other shop.

Now whenever I am looking for a something new to read,  I always open it up and smell the pages…which has caused much embarrassment to my kids! They would walk off and leave me holding a book to my nose in the middle of Tesco! Over the years they have got used to this somewhat “weird thing I do”, albeit normal to me. I have to say that a few times I have opened a book and not liked the smell. I instantly put that book back down. Have you ever had that experience, where the smell of a book has put you off reading it, even though it may be a great read? I think I became more obsessed with the smell of books when I bought a kindle.


Buying a kindle

 I love a good book!

I went down the route several years ago of buying a kindle. When they first came out I was adamant I would not get one. They were not what a book was about! If there is such a thing as a book v kindle snob, then I was heading that way. It all seemed so wrong to me. But my house was overcome with books. That’s the other thing of loving books, I could not bear to part with them after I had read them. Which does become a problem when I could easily read 4 or 5 books per month! So I followed my head rather than my heart and thought sensibly about the kindles pros.

The Pro’s of a kindle

  1. It would enable me to carry a book about with me in a light and easy way.
  2. The kindle hardly took any room up in my bag.
  3. If I wanted to read a new book, I could instantly download one in seconds.
  4. I could get some great deals on new releases for a fraction of physical book.
  5. I liked the fact that all my books were with me in the kindle (ok that one might be weird!)
  6. I wasnt cluttering my house with books, that I had absolutely no more space for.

The Con’s of a kindle

  1. It’s not a physical book.
  2. It does not smell like a book.
  3. I missed holding a book.
  4. I missed books!
  5. It wasnt a book..
  6. It just wasnt a book…..


And now…

Whilst my kindle was great and was easy to store my books on, the novelty faded. I have gone back to buying the physical book. I love to stand in front of all those books with their amazing art work, tempting me to pick them up. Which I do. I read the blurbs and the first pages of every book I pick up. It’s not a chore to me to take a while over choosing my next read. Its something I take pleasure in. There is something pleasing and exciting about choosing a book to read and been able to hold it. It feels more real, which of course it is!


My Favourite Authors

 I love a good book!

Of course I have my favourite authors, who as soon as they release a new book, I am there buying it! It would not really matter what they wrote about, I buy it! They seem to be able to make all those characters in their books real. I invest my time in them, begin to think about them and what the outcome will be.

At the end of books I have often had a feeling of loosing a friend. That friend has gone off and I am no longer apart of their lives. I’ve thought about that character long after the book has ended. How great are these authors to be able to do that! I remember reading a book by Jodi Picoult, when I finished it for days after, I would find myself wondering how one of the characters was. How they were coping with what had happened to them! I had to keep telling myself, “they are not a real person”. This is how much a great read affects me!

Many years ago I read a book by Adele Parks. That book got me. I felt I was actually part of that book. It enveloped me in. I felt so strongly about the book when I had finished it I emailed Adele Parks to tell her how much I had enjoyed it. She emailed me back with a reply.  I could not believe! I absolutely treasured that email. Unfortunately many, many years later and several pcs later, I lost said email! I will never forget that though. It was a kindness that will stay with me!

I have many favourite authors. But if I was to list my top few that I would stampede over everyone to get their new book when it came out, it would be:

  1. Lisa Jewell
  2. Diane Chamberlain
  3. Jodi Picoult
  4. Sophie Hannah
  5. Adele Parks
  6. Dorothy Koomson
  7. Jane Fallon

I read lots of genres. I dont stick to any type of theme. I read plays, auto biographies, biographies, the list is endless. I’m always looking for great recommendations of authors. Hit me with any great books you can recommend. I have just read “The Couple Next Door” by Shari Lapena. I will do my first review on my blog of that book soon!








6 thoughts on “I Love a Good Book!”

  1. I make sure to read few pages a day….I love reading….I can relate to most of the part that you have written except kindle 😁I don’t feel so comfortable reading books in kindle…..nice post 💕👍🏼🙌🏻😊

    1. That’s great. Kindles are super for carrying around a lot of books with you anywhere, anytime.

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