about me

Hello, Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my blog. There were so many reasons for me starting this blog, besides the fact that I just wanted to write one. About a decade ago I started to try to live a more natural lifestyle, cutting out as many harmful chemicals as I could from my everyday life. I have found some amazing products and companies along the way. Now im not saying im wonderful at this, I am more imperfect than perfect, but I’m trying! I also have :

1. I have a rare neurological illness, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy ( CIDP ). I wanted a not so gloomy side to living with this illness. Theres a lot of negativity, but lets keep on having hope!

2. On top of this my body decided to become allergic to a preservative in many cosmetics, household items, in fact it’s everywhere! a nasty thing called Methylisothiazoline (amongst many other names). Navigating a whole new world trying to find products without this chemical in.

And for the cherry on top of the cake I also have osteoporosis and asthma! But lets not that stop us having a good time, I’m still standing….well sitting at least!

But along the way I’m here to share a positive, normality to anyone suffering any of these things or just for anyone who wants to come along for the ride! You are all more than welcome.